Client Endorsement:
"Glenda Wallace has been an excellent resource for my business. Through her interview style of building a personalized website, I clarified my own business marketing plan. Glenda is innovative, creative, and very enjoyable to work with."
- Laura Bergoust ~ Missoula Herb and Acupuncture
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Find yourself reluctant or lost in how to promote your story to the world? Or maybe you're a small business or non-profit without in-house assets for marketing? Glenda S Wallace can help. Let's forge a fluid path to your target audience and best customers. What do you think?
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Ever said, "No. I can't brag about myself! Who has time for this?"
No time, talent or skills for touting?
Seekers of
Glenda S Wallace can help.
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Good storytelling is the bedrock of advertising. And, bottomline, you've got information others need. Let Glenda help surface salient details and craft your story into compelling content that can sell. Let's understand the market and get you that good rate of return.
Glenda S Wallace helps strengthen marketing with strong branding Glenda S Wallace helps strengthen marketing with strong branding
No time, talent or skills for touting today?
Understanding your business is key.
Sometimes a creative boost makes cents.
Building A Campaign
Do you know who needs you? How do they find you? Online or traditional platforms? Do you have data about your footprint, or need data found? Is your goal an information flow and mass communication platforms required? How about a campaign of messages based on a Fiscal-Year marketing plan? Glenda can help with all this!
A message smooth as water is bankable.
Want a big identity that stands out in a crowd? Maybe you're a start-up business or non-profit wanting a small dip in promotional waters. Call Glenda. We'll craft you a brand that has the virtual weight of a sledgehammer on rock. Let's get your story noticed and your goals achieved in this rocking Online Information Age.
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Building a Brand
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