Editorial Arts:

Technical and copy writing to non-fiction to prose. Meaning a scope of editorial techniques are needed in an effective marketing campaign. The goal is to present a tight engaging message for every writing project.

Content creation using editorial and visual arts. Meaning words and images resonate project brand. Strategic messaging built upon client knowledge and other keyword information collected.
Visual Arts:

Visual content from ads to social media posters to documentary video. Meaning stragegic use of print, broadcast and online platforms to convey a story and motivate a user to pause and buy-in.
Do It GSWrite When It Matters.
Thinking Out Of The Box
Editorial * Visual * Promotions
Information can read like sludge. Or move easy as water. Editorial Art by Glenda S Wallace banks on clear messaging. For more pop and buzz, add Visual Art. Combined, these tools can create stories that stream into hearts and minds quick like a spring runoff....
Content Promoted
Information Detected
Content Created
Information: ...What is conveyed or represented by a particular arrangement or sequence of things...
Give Glenda a shout to learn more. We'll talk goals, budgets and timelines -- critical details to get your project sailing along like it ain't no thing:
Drop by drop let's build your market
Need a new marketing approach?
Glenda S Wallace can bring a new level of attention and response to your information. Let's talk tight writing and engaging images to promote your cause and advance your business goals.
Writing with Glenda
Accurate and clear from the word GO?
Messages ride the wave of many mediums, and all should serve your purpose. From print ads to magazine article to online social media post, all written information deserves attention to detail. Give your audience clarity and engagement from the Get Go with Glenda.

Words matter, and most can do double duty.
Creating visual content with Glenda
Save words! Use poster art, photography, and other visuals.
Business messaging typically has only seconds to find intended audiences. Since reading demands focus, use words strategically. Float something visual for the eyeballs that can hit the heart and mind like a welcome splash of water on a hot day.

Create what actually engages and rewards.
Let's Get You Right On
Reports, Plans, Proposals, SEO Websites, Social Media, Blogs & Ghost Writing, Ad Copy, News Releases, Feature Stories, Scripts, Brochures & Flyers and more!
Writing is easy.
"All you have to do is stare at a blank piece of paper until the blood forms on your forehead."
~ 19th Century German writer & statesman Johann Goethe

PS Update: Replace the word "paper" with "screen" ?
Digital Art, Photography, Videography, Graphic Art & Other Visual Promotional Content Custom Created by GSWallace
Non-verbal communication is like honey.
It affects the audience easily, naturally, effectively. That's the GSWrite Way.
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